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Books / EbooksHow the Drug War Ruins American Lives

How the Drug War Ruins American Lives

How the Drug War Ruins American Lives
by Arthur Benavie
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1440850119 | 242 Pages | True PDF | 8.69 MB

This book reveals the disturbing truth about how the escalation of the War on Drugs over the past 30 years has eroded the human and property rights of Americans - while doing little to stop drug trafficking or use.

* Shows that the War on Drugs has failed to achieve the goals that were originally set
* Argues that this war continues to erode human and property rights
* Explores how the climate of the War on Drugs is changing
* Discusses the powerful actors that support the continued drug war
* Shares provocative accounts of the impact of the drug war on regular citizens
* Includes links to further reading and video evidence

"Thoroughly researched, lucidly written, and cogently argued, this excellent book is a must-read for anyone who still thinks the drug war may be justified. Professor Benavie demonstrates that the drug war is not only racist and corrupt, it needlessly destroys the lives of millions."
Steven B. Duke, Professor, Yale Law School and Coauthor, America's Longest War: Rethinking Our Tragic Crusade Against Drugs

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